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Our Aims

To provide a safe and secure environment that’s fun, loving and stimulating for all


Each child to be cared for on an individual basis in our homely environment


We encourage independence, development of self-esteem and building of self-confidence


We welcome any child - regardless of gender, age, race, culture, religion or ability


To develop an awareness of the needs of others


To reinforce manners and good behaviour at all times


To welcome each child warmly and say goodbye at the end of each day


To communicate with the children at their level - making it easier for them to relax, engage and respond


To continually review and update our curriculum to ensure that the individual’s needs are met within our setting


To experience real life on a daily basis with various outings - not remaining within the confines of the nursery walls


Promote health and fitness by going for walks and consuming nutritious home-cooked food


Daily interaction with the parent/carer with detailed handovers through use of our nursery software - including photo updates and descriptions of what their child has done that day (the parents/guardians are present even when they’re not!)


Embrace technology – cutting down on paperwork where possible to enable our staff to focus on the children in our care


To provide a happy and supported working environment for all of our staff


To constantly improve so that we are considered to be one of the best nurseries in the UK

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