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Day in the Life ofgreen Day in the Life of

08:00am: Arriving at The Little Lane Nursery – I’m looking forward to another day! Ding-dong on the door bell and I’m welcomed by Emma, the Nursery Manager. I hang my coat on my own peg whilst Mummy and Sophie do the handover.


08:20am: Breakfast time! My friends and I settle around the table ready for something yummy to eat.


09:00am: After breakfast, I’m suited and booted for an exciting trip to Burghley Park. Some of the bigger children will walk while the smaller legs will travel in the wagon. I love getting lots of fresh air and I keep a look-out for sheep and deer.


10:00am: After lots of running around, I’m in need of a drink and snack! We settle down on a picnic blanket to recharge our batteries, chat and eat and then get ready for the walk back to the nursery. Once back at The Little Lane, there’s time for some singing before we have some lunch.


11:30am: Hand wash time! My tummy is rumbling as we sit down for a nutritious cooked lunch. With a full belly, I’m feeling sleepy and it’s time for a nap…zzzzz.


14:00pm: After a relaxing sleep, I like to turn on the sensory lights to wake up slowly before heading back into my room. Around mid-afternoon, we are treated to a snack - some fresh fruit and milk - and we watch while the fruit is prepared in front of us.


15:00pm: It’s playtime! Now I get the opportunity to have to free play in the garden – I must make sure that all the flowers and herbs in the planters are watered! Once the garden-play is over, we return inside for more free play – exploring all the wonderful toys in the room.


16:00pm: It’s now time for my tea, followed by some more free play before we get ready for home-time.


17:45pm:  Mummy is here! She talks to Sophie about what I’ve been doing and I give her the painting I made this afternoon.  Time to go home and ready for another day at nursery tomorrow!